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Safety, comfort, and exploration come with Karango baby & toddler clothing

At Korango, our core belief is simple - let kids be kids. This label was founded in 2012 and is owned by two twin brothers who are truly passionate about children’s clothing. They believe that kids should be kids. They should be able to run, play, get messy and have fun, and look great while they do it! 

The range of durable, stylish kid’s clothing that emerges from this philosophy is down to earth, fun, and made to withstand wear. Kid’s tops, dresses, sweaters and raincoats are made to be crawled in, played in, and to withstand the daily adventures that kids seek out in their earliest years.

Toddler's clothes are a necessity as much for protection as it is from warmth. Babies, with their tender skin, need the softest, most breathable materials to protect them from the environment they’ve been born into, and keep them safe as they grow. Once in their first few years, the urge to move is irresistible - and only the best clothing gives them the freedom to fully explore their surroundings.

That means soft, strong fibres and construction that can cope with tugging, wriggling, and crawling on carpets and high-friction surfaces. It means comfortable clothing that won’t restrict movement. It means thoughtful designs that are made for little bodies with a thirst for life, and all its wonders.

Fun and functionality blend with style

While Korango baby clothing and kids’ designs are made with a strong foundation of functionality, style is far from overlooked. The unique collection that our studio produces is unlike any other; bringing the best of cute baby and children’s clothing to your nursery and home.

It’s a blend of dreamy, imaginative design, with real-world practicality that gets you and bub out the door and into new territory with little fuss, yet maximum fashion-forward force. Whether it is a warm sweater or protective raincoat, the Korango kid's fashion brand has your child covered.

Let Korango baby clothing give your kids the gift of a full, adventurous childhood full of freedom and play.