Indigo Jamm

Indigo Jamm is an award-winning UK toy company

Indigo Jamm is passionate about heirloom quality wooden toys. Its classic style invokes memories of a more romantic era while inspiring fun and stimulating a child's development. Parents will delight as each beautiful, durable toy encourages their child to explore the world around them.

Indigo Jamm toys are designed to nurture physical skills and creative, imaginative play from the age of 12 months and up. This includes a growing focus on toys that exceed the demanding safety standard required of toys suitable for children under 3 years. For example it offers the only doll's house in Australia that's certified safe for children as young as 18 months.

Quality toys built to endure; not to discard

Indigo Jamm's innovative design and production know-how sets it apart from discount imitators. The result is toys that deliver on the promise of safe, durable and premium quality every time. No worker is exploited in their production. All of its toys are made in ethically run factories and use eco-friendly, plantation-grown rubberwood and pine; or timber sourced from low-risk species.

Indigo Jamm inspects every factory throughout the year to ensure ongoing compliance with international standards; and with its own rigourous quality control requirements. Its toys are also tested to comply with the latest EU toy safety directives.