Adored Illustrations

Adored Illustrations® is a treasure trove for parents seeking captivating and educational materials for their little ones. Founded by Jess Spencer, our mission is to craft children's books and products that seamlessly blend stunning illustrations with enriching content, serving as invaluable tools for learning the ABCs and 123s.

From enchanting books to engaging flashcards, delightful puzzles, and memory cards, every item in our collection is meticulously illustrated by talented Australian artists, whose unique styles breathe life into each creation. Within our books, you'll discover the names and backgrounds of these skilled artisans, fostering a connection between the art and the artist.

Embodying a commitment to quality and integrity, all our products are conceptualized and designed in Australia, ensuring a touch of local flair. Moreover, we uphold ethical production standards by responsibly manufacturing our items in China, maintaining our dedication to sustainability and social responsibility.

With Adored Illustrations®, embark on a journey where imagination meets education, and where every turn of the page sparks wonder and learning in young minds.