Kute Cuddles

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Sumptuous and lusciously soft yet durable and practical, all our pieces are made with ethically and sustainably sourced natural fibres to provide your baby with the ultimate comfort. Our organic cotton is GOTS-certified so you can rest assured you are choosing a piece that’s had no nasties or synthetic fibres involved in any stage of the production process.

The prints on our swaddles are exclusive designs just for us. I’ve worked with some amazing local artists to carefully curate unique pieces, so your littlest love won’t ever go out of style.

I understand firsthand the sheer joy and, let’s be honest, challenges motherhood can bring. I hope our pieces make you smile, knowing your baby is ‘swaddled with love’.


Doing our bit for the planet…

Kute Cuddles is working towards creating a better tomorrow for our precious darlings, so we try to do our part for the planet.

  • All our pieces are made with natural fibres ranging from GOTS-certified organic cotton to bamboo and combed cotton for our knitted blankets, which are all sourced ethically and sustainably.
  • We don’t use synthetic materials – ever. Even our labels are made of pure cotton with non-toxic water-based colouring.
  • The buttons we use are made from wood, and our tags are tied using thread, which helps us to reduce our use of plastic.